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Benefits of the Mommy and Me Workout DVDs

Weight Loss for Moms after Pregnancy:
Many new moms find it difficult to attend to their new born and get back in shape after pregnancy! The Mommy and Me Workout: Dance and Yoga for Mom and Baby program
s are the perfect way to strengthen and lengthen your muscles as well as get lean muscle tone back after pregnancy. The great part of the program is that all movements incorporate your infant (Yoga for Mom and Baby) and even benefit them with movement s that promote healthy digestion, sleep and comfort, while getting YOU BACK IN SHAPE!

Brain Development:

During the first four years of life, the brain is developing at a rapid pace, taking in information and learning from every experience. Sensory experiences increase brain power. When the brain is stimulated, more synapses per nerve cell are developed. In addition an increased development of blood vessels better nourish each cell.

Research shows that music has the ability to teach the brain higher levels of thinking, which include problem solving, forming conclusions, inference, comparing and differentiating between objects, analyzing, evaluating and processing information, and synthesizing. An important research study called "The Mozart Effect" concluded that briefly listening to Mozart immediately increased spatial-temporal reasoning or mental images for up to a 10-15 minute span.

Music training has also been shown to effect organization within the brain. The planum temporal, which is used in both language and early auditory processing as well as the corpus callosum, which is used transfer information from one brain hemisphere to the other, are larger in musicians than in non-musicians.

In addition, hands-on, one-on-one parenting greatly affects young children and their brain development. Parent-child quality time spent in adjoined activity, allows for enriching experiences that further nourish children.
Music rhythm helps a child recognize timing for dance.

Social Development:

Studies show that children with involvement in music and the arts are often more competent with skills required in daily life. There is more originality, can come up with a larger variety of solutions to problems, have a greater focused attention, are all-around more innovative, and prove better able to integrate diverse facts and ideas. Music and dance can instill a healthy well-being as well as increase self-esteem.


Music and language are directly linked as a single system within the brain, which is developed in the earliest stages of infancy and continues into childhood. Learning song lyrics also develops a child’s vocabulary.

Emotional Development:

Infants who have been sung to by their parents, experience a much stronger emotional bond to them. Quality time spent with your child shows them, through an intentional action, that they are important, which instills in your child a greater sense of security, self-esteem, and closeness with you.

Academics & Character Traits:

Children who are involved in music-related activities, have shown to do better in school. They tend to be more responsible, dependable, and exercise a higher level of self-discipline. In general, the more different types of artistic experiences, the more well-rounded your child will be overall.

Yoga-Dance for Mommy & Baby
Mommy and Me Workout
( Ages 3 - 9 Months)

The best way for moms to get their bodies back in shape after pregnancy while bonding with your new baby! Welcome to Mommy & Me Workout: Yoga-Dance for Mommy & Baby!
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Tap & Acrobatics
Mommy and Me Workout
(Ages 1-5 Years)

Combining classic Tap Dance and Yoga-style acrobatic techniques to provide a well-rounded program that both moms and kids alike, will enjoy doing together.
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Ballet & Stretch
Mommy and Me Workout
(Ages 1-5 Years)

This program is focused on movement, coordination, balance, muscle toning, and basic kinetic skills for you and your little one. The class is set to music...
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Double DVD Pack
Mommy and Me Workout
Ballet & Stretch and Tap & Acrobatics

Purchase both Mommy and Me Workout DVDs at a discounted price. Get both the Ballet & Stretch and Tap & Acrobatics
in a 4 disc DVD & CD pack.
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Triple DVD Pack
Mommy and Me Workout

Purchase all Mommy and Me Workout DVDs at a discounted price. Get all 3 the Yoga-Dance, Tap & Acrobatics, and Ballet &
Stretch Soundtracks.
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Studio Instructors and Owners
Mommy and Me Workout
Includes written curriculum

If you’re thinking about starting a Mommy & Me program at your studio, get off to a great start with this wonderful resource. The Mommy & Me Workout!
Studio Owner / Instructor DVDs »

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